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How to Open Ayurvedic Medicine Shop - According to the research, the most profitable business nowadays is to open Ayurvedic Medical Store in India. As people are moving towards the Ayurvedic medicinal system because of the fewer side effects. One must go through the entire information before opening up the ayurvedic medical shop, there is much information you need to know. So here below we have mentioned the entire information about how to open an ayurvedic medicine shop.

Ayurvedic Medicines are getting popularity day by day due to having no or minimal side effects as compared to synthetically prepared medicines and products. As the demand for ayurvedic medicines is increasing, the number of business opportunities is also increasing. In India, one can register in four types of medical stores. These are:

  • Township Pharmacy - For the local people, located near or within the town.
  • Hospital Pharmacy - It is located in the hospital for the patients
  • Chain medical pharmacy -  This type of pharmacy is situated, with a particular brand name in many places in India.
  • Standalone medical pharmacy - This type of pharmacy is located, in big and metro cities.

For a different type of Ayurvedic Businesses Licenses required 

One must have prior experience in a particular field you are going to set-up business, proposed customer knowledge, a good business plan, and financial resources, etc.

  • Ayurvedic Medicine Shop - For Ayurvedic medicine shop, there is no requirement of a license
  • Wholesale Shop of herbal medicines - There is no requirement of license for Ayurvedic medicine wholesale shop
  • Ayurvedic Marketing Company - There is no requirement of license for Ayurvedic marketing company
  • Ayurvedic Manufacturing Company - There is a requirement of license for starting Ayurvedic manufacturing company i.e. Ayurvedic Manufacturing Licence

Always take care of the visibility aspect, check out if people are able to easily see your pharmacy, or are there too many obstructions and limitations on signs? Especially when you are starting up your business, it is better to look or pick an area that is visible to the local population.

  • It can be both reassuring and informative to talk to others who have been in your position, as running a small business is always challenging. 
  • Ask other businessmen and independent pharmacists if they have any advice to offer.
  • Persons/agencies involved in Standalone/ chemist pharmacy shops, retail drug license is issued. 
  • Wholesale distribution of drugs, a wholesale drug license is required.

Documents required for medical shop license:

  • A cover letter that specifies the purpose of the application duly signed by the applicant.
  • A duly filled-in application form. Application on prescribed Form no. 24-D.
  • Fee challan.
  • A site plan of the location including the design layout of the store in which you are going to carry out business.
  • If it’s a rented store, you would need to submit the rental agreement, declaration letter by the building owner, and the building tax receipt.
  • An affidavit by the registered pharmacist or competent person.
  • Relieving letters if any of the competent persons or pharmacists from their previous employers.
  • Purchase records of the refrigerator.
  • Other additional documents, if mandatory.
  • In case you need to renew the license, you would have to submit the original license, application form, and other documents if necessary.


The abovementioned is the entire detailed information about how to open an ayurvedic medicine shop, one needs to get into the details before going to open an herbal medicine pharmacy, as there is a requirement of documentation, licensing, market strategy, services, and so on. You can switch to Zoic Ayurveda to get the qualitative herbal medicines, so check out all the details and go for a successful business of herbal medicines.

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